From the heart to the table, benefits of homemade food

The accelerated pace of our day-to-day activities has changed the way we eat. We spend a lot of time commuting, working hours allow for little flexibility and we don’t get to eat the way we would if we had the time. We’re forced to eat take-out or fast food and we miss the benefits of homemade food.

How many times have you had to eat fast food because it’s your only option? We’re forced to consume what’s within our reach. We sacrifice not only the taste but the quality we would receive from a well prepared meal in exchange for something that demands less time. Is that good for our health? If you need more reasons to consider a homemade meal as the best option for you, then read on and discover how Savorly has addressed this issue.

Homemade food for busy people.

Eating prepared foods at home can have many benefits, and it is time to evaluate them to make better decisions when choosing what you eat everyday. Savorly realizes that it’s time for change. Some of us are fantastic at preparing our meals for the week. Some of us give it a good start and fall off the wagon mid-week. Some of us “forget to make our lunch.” Savorly has the answer with hand-selected, certified cooks and delivery partners.

  • Natural, quality ingredients: Home cooking allows us to choose the ingredients which will be used for meal preparation. For instance, the amount of salt, whether you are vegetarian or if there are certain vegetables you prefer over another. The home chefs have improved cooking times and have more control over the cleanliness of what you eat. We all know that many restaurants and fast food meals are high in sodium and fat.
  • More balanced meals: Home cooking takes more planning. We have the opportunity to design more balanced menus that have better nutrients. According to the World Health Organization, a healthy diet helps protect us from malnutrition in all forms, as well as from noncommunicable diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.
  • Better diet overall: Often times, lack of time leads to consumption of junk food for many people. We do not take into account portion size, balanced ingredients or the way in which the food is prepared. However, when a dish is prepared at home, all of these aspects are considered and even more importantly, we know that the food is made with love and with the care of those who try to give their family the best.
  • Feeding the heart: How many times have you tried food that makes you remember the warmth of home? The person who prepared that food at home always has a special touch or a secret ingredient that is part of their flare. Just trying homemade food makes you relive moments that have been impactful for your life. That’s good for your heart and your soul.

It’s true that we have all been faced with various challenges that keep us from eating appropriately.  Today there is an option that allows people to have home cooked food carefully prepared from the hands of local chefs in México.  They are trained to provide the highest quality of food and hygiene when they prepare their dishes.  Savorly is the application with which you can enjoy a home cooked meal every day.

All you need to do is install the app on your mobile phone and choose from a variety of dishes that best suits your needs. With Savorly, homemade food is at your fingertips and no matter where you are you can enjoy a good dish and all of its benefits. If you are tired of the mundane, it’s time to try options that local chefs prepare every day for you. Wait no further and satisfy yourself with food made with love.