Home kitchen essentials

Are you passionate about home cooking? So are we! Are you one of those folks who can’t resist buying trendy kitchen accessories? We get it! It’s okay to want the best kitchen gadgets but sometimes we tend to forget about the basics that help us with our everyday cooking tasks. Today, we are going to share our favorite must-have kitchen essentials. 

The Essentials:


Knives: There are many different tasks that knives are used for. From slicing meat, chopping vegetables or cutting bread. You should have a set of knives in your kitchen that fulfills each of these functions. You don’t need to choose the most expensive knife set. Select something that suits your budget and that will last you a long time.



Peeler: Have you ever peeled fruits or vegetables with a knife but end up cutting off too much? Peelers are great because they do not generate a lot of food waste. They easily remove the outer layer in a fine and precise way. Not to mention, they are safer to use than peeling a fruit or vegetable with a knife. 



Cutting board: Are you preparing a vegetable soup? A potato soufflé? An apple pie? You will need a suitable surface to prepare your ingredients. We recommend having two different cutting boards. One for vegetables, fruit and bread. The other for meat and fish. There are many options to choose from that will best suit your kitchen.

cutting board

Pots and pans: There are a variety of different pots and pans on the market. If you’re looking for new ones, consider these tips. For pots, think of the serving size of the dishes you’ll be preparing. That will help you determine the size you need. For pans, we often handle them with one hand. Feel the weight of the pan and also think about the additional weight of the food that you will be cooking in it. A pan that you can easily maneuver is a good choice.

pots and pans

Dish cloths: No kitchen can be spared from a spill! Even the best chefs do! Having a dish cloth to clean surfaces or grip hot handles is very helpful. The colors and textures are up to you but we recommend choosing fun colors to spice up your kitchen!

dish cloth

Can opener: Almost all cans need a can opener. Look for something durable that creates a clean and smooth edge. Avoid dull can openers that make uneven cuts. Uneven edges can potentially hurt you or someone else.

can opener

Silicone spatulas: Have you ever made a mixture in the blender and can’t seem to get everything out from the bottom? How about when you want to empty a jar but you just aren’t able to remove all of its contents? Silicone or rubber spatulas are handy tools that help you scoop or scrape every last bit!


Blender: A blender is a great piece of equipment to have in your kitchen. It makes food preparation easy, you get perfect consistency for your recipes and it helps you save time!


At Savorly, we believe that these are the kitchen essentials that help make home cooking easy. Let us know what your favorite kitchen utensils are!