Is It Safe to Buy Food from People’s Homes?

Buying and selling homemade goods and food directly from people’s homes is not an entirely new concept. Savorly makes it easier and safer than ever to connect home cooks with their hungry neighbors. Let’s step into our imaginary time machines and see how we got here.

A Brief History

(Promise Not to Bore You)

The “putting-out system”- also known as “the cottage industry”- was the way most things were produced throughout human history. This system endured up until the Industrial Revolution. People would produce goods from their homes to sell or trade with their neighbors. This method is still in practice today in many parts of the world, such as Asia, South America, and even the USA.

Bye-bye Industrial Revolution. Hello Internet.

If you have ever made a purchase through Etsy, you have participated in something like the “putting-out system.” In other words, you bought something directly from someone that made it. Except now – thanks to the Internet and fast shipping – we are no longer limited by proximity. Platforms like Etsy, social media, and easy-to-use e-commerce site templates like Squarespace and Wix, have given many the ability to start their own businesses or just have a “side hustle” for extra income or a fun creative outlet.

Now Anyone Can Have a “Side Hustle”. Thanks, Gig Economy!

Nowadays, Uber is synonymous with the term “gig economy”. Disregard Uber’s current success and people’s acceptance of ridesharing and think back to 2009 – when “über” was just a German word…

If someone told you that you would be jumping into a stranger’s personal car regularly, what would you say?

Likely something along the lines of, “Yeah right!” or perhaps some more…colorful language. Look at us now!

Is it safe to use Uber or Lyft?

Like most new technology, there was a lot of hesitation among consumers when Uber launched (not to mention massive opposition from cab drivers, especially in New York City). Many consumers were primarily concerned with safety, which is absolutely understandable as this was a new concept. Of course, Uber does conduct background checks on their drivers and has systems in place for riders and drivers to report any concerns, along with various disciplinary paths.

Is it safe to use a fork?

Throughout history, people have been hesitant to adopt new technologies. Have you ever wondered how the fork came about and how the public received it? Well, people thought forks were demonic tools and were afraid to use them to eat. Look at us now with drawerfulls!

A marketplace for home cooked food

By combining the ancient putting-out system concept and the modern gig economy, Savorly has created a marketplace for cooks to sell their homemade dishes, right from the comfort of their home. Recent California legislation (AB 626) has made this all a possibility with proper permitting and inspections in place.

Regardless of experience level, cooks can receive required training from accredited organizations. They can apply for a Food Protection Manager Certification, and obtain a Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation (MEHKO) permit from a participating county health department. 

All this to say, not only does Savorly vet the cooks and their dishes in order to stand behind each cook and know that you are getting a delicious meal, but the county health department also inspects the home kitchen operations to certify that the cook has received proper training to ensure food safety. Savorly also provides marketing support and serves as a springboard for cooks to launch their own business.

Many cooks on the platform have aspirations of opening a restaurant and Savorly is proud to be a supportive partner on the path toward realizing their dreams.

  • Delicious homemade food: check!
  • Permits and certificates: check!
  • Hungry belly: check!

Whether you are looking for comfort food, like a homemade calzone made from scratch, award-winning mac ‘n’ cheese, or you’re feeling like going on a culinary adventure to explore authentic homemade dishes from West Africa or the Philippines – Savorly has what you crave. Made with love, by your neighbors.