About Savorly

Home cooked meals made with love
Why We Started Savorly

The idea for Savorly came to us at our own dinner table. It was yet another amazing meal prepared by the best cook in the world—Mom. As we were finishing up, an interesting thought started working its way around the dining room: “Wouldn’t it be great if other people could taste Mom’s food? What if she opened her own little food business, right from our kitchen?”

We knew we weren’t alone. ‘Moms’ exists across the world, cooking up the best homemade dishes you never knew about. We created Savorly to introduce ‘Mom’ to the world, and the world to ‘Mom.’

What Drives Us

We’re passionate about bringing homemade meals back into people’s lives, and dedicated to helping home cooks to start their own small businesses on Savorly. More and more, people seek alternatives to commercial food options, and we’re on a mission to help hungry eaters find real food from real home cooks. Get ready-to-eat homemade dishes from around the world, prepared by cooks who live just down the street.

Excited for Home Cooked Meals?