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Make money from your own kitchen

Do you love to cook? Do friends and family rave over your food? Already thinking about selling food from home? With Savorly, you can turn your joy for cooking into your own small business! Savorly is a marketplace where you can order local, authentic home-cooked food from certified cooks. Now, you can start your own venture without the high costs of opening a commercial establishment.

How it works

Savorly provides everything you need to start selling your best dishes, without any of the hassle of running a small business.

Flexible Hours
Set your own schedule and determine when you want to sell your food.

Low Start-Up Costs
All you need is a kitchen, your ingredients, a recipe and a love for cooking.

Support and Training
Access extensive resources designed to make your experience both easy and profitable.

Have questions? Get in touch with us! We are here to help.

California opens its door to home kitchen operations</32>

In 2019, California passed a law that allows cooks to earn money cooking from their very own home kitchen. Individuals can now legally operate a restaurant—classified as a MEHKO or “microenterprise home kitchen operation”— from their homes, without needing to own any commercial equipment that a restaurant would otherwise have.

Counties can ‘opt-in’for home cooks to obtain permits and legally sell food. Riverside County was a pioneer and the first to start enrolling home cooks in this new program. Several counties have opted-in, and will likely begin to issue permits to home kitchens in the coming months. Since the law is fairly new, and you might have a lot of questions about how to open your own MEHKO. Don’t worry we got you covered! The team at Savorly has local knowledge to help you navigate the process.

Visit www.cdph.ca.gov to learn more about microenterprise home kitchen operations.

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