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Is It Safe to Buy Food from People’s Homes?

Buying and selling homemade goods and food directly from people’s homes is not an entirely new concept. Savorly makes it easier and safer than ever to connect home cooks with their hungry neighbors. Let’s step …
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happy employees
Full belly, happy employee: Increase company productivity

Companies often see their employees coming back from their lunch break feeling tired, having low energy and having a harder time concentrating at work. This is because during lunch, they often make unhealthy food choices …
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eating healthy
Choose a healthy diet

According to the World Health Organization, poor nutrition can reduce immunity, increase vulnerability to certain diseases, alter physical and mental development and reduce productivity. To reduce the risk of these diseases, it’s important to have …
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Pancakes or Waffles
The most popular homemade breakfasts from around the world

Have you ever wondered what are the most popular homemade breakfasts from around the world? We found, in most countries, that these delicious dishes provide a ton of energy made to last you all morning …
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ginger root
Learn more about these 3 healthy spices

Do you use spices to give more flavor or color to your dishes? What you may not know is that some spices are good for your health. Specifically cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. Adding these spices …
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Do you want to sleep better? These foods can help you!

When night comes and you go to bed, do you find yourself tossing and turning and aren’t able to fall asleep? Have you asked yourself what you can do to avoid insomnia and how to …
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