Home Chef Support

Is it legal to sell home-cooked food in your app?   

Yes! Savorly is an approved intermediary and can legally allow permitted cooks to sell in our app. See AB-626 for more information.

How much money can I make selling with you?   

As a Savorly chef, you keep 85% of all sales.

How do I get paid for my food sales?   

Savorly pays each cook on a weekly basis via electronic deposit to the banking institution on record.

What fees do you charge and why?   

Savorly charges a 15% commission on sales made. There are no other fees for the home cook. The fees charged cover the cost of the operating and improving the app, operations, customer service, cook consultants and marketing.

Does Savorly handle the taxes or do I need to take care of them?   

Savorly will withhold and pay sales tax.

Can anyone cook on Savorly?   

Yes, if you meet the legal requirements as well as Savorly’s requirements. Savorly is committed to bringing appealing, clean, flavorful food to the community. If you have been permitted by your county to operate a MEHKO, you have your business license and your Food Manager Certification then, you’ve legally met the minimum requirement. Savorly also meets each home cook to review the menu, costs, flavor profile and variety compared to who we already have selling in the same area. If what you sell is complimentary and high quality, we want you to sell in our app.

Is it ok to serve customers at my house.   

Yes. You can either arrange for customers to eat in your home, pick up food to-go, or your employee/household member may deliver the food on your behalf as long as they are certified food handlers.

How does delivery work? Can I use 3rd party delivery?   

No, you may not contract with a third party delivery service (such as DoorDash, UberEats) to deliver food.

When will you be launching in my area?   

Savorly is currently in BETA in Riverside, Redlands and Alameda counties. We will continue to grow into new areas as legislation passes. Sign up for email notifications to stay apprised.

How can I learn more about Savorly?   

To become a certified home chef, contact cooks@savorly.app.

Does Savorly have liability insurance that would cover any incidence arising from the sale or consumption of food on its website or app?   

No. We do not have liability insurance that would cover any incidence arising from the sale or consumption of food listed or promoted on our website or app.